Hello, I'm Grace from BellaCrafts and I've gone a bit decoupage mad! We love decoupage at BellaCrafts. We run daily drop-in workshops where you can decoupage anything from a picture frame to a wooden hot air balloon, and that's where I caught the bug! Here are a few ideas for items you might want to try in your own home, to create some gorgeous and unique home decor pieces.  
1. Plant Pots! 
If you're like me you probably have an abundance of plants slowly taking over your house like the jungle from jumanji. And cute plant pots can be expensive, but you can generally pick up plain terracotta pots for a couple of pounds at the garden centre. 
There are a few different approaches you can take to decorate these. I like to use paper napkins, and cut out 
the designs to glue them on. You can do this straight on to the pot, or you can paint the pot first, to really make the design stand out. 
Alternatively you can cut or tear pieces of patterned napkins and layer them like a collage, covering the whole surface of the pot. 
Both of these methods will produce gorgeous results for your houseplants. Or if you like, spray 
with a few good layers of clear lacquer to make them weatherproof for outdoor use. 
2. Mirrors 
Mirrors with thick, wide wooden frames make the perfect canvas for a creative decoupage 
project. Be it quirky or quaint, classy or tongue in cheek, it's an excellent way to inject a bit of 
personality into an otherwise fairly dull piece of home decor. 
You could use purpose made decoupage papers for this, napkins, magazine pages, or even thin, 
lightweight fabric. 
3. Lampshades 
It can be tricky to find a lampshade that perfectly matches the colour scheme or general vibe of a room (and we all know it's all about the vibes.) So, in true crafty fashion, why not find a plain one and make it fabulous yourself? 
I like to use pages from old children's books and comics for a nostalgic feel, but you can really use whatever you like. And if you're clever with colour, it will create a warm and lovely light when you flick the switch. 
To summarise, there are so many lovely decoupage projects to tackle to create gorgeous, but totally practical home decor pieces that are absolutely filled with personality. And it really is an affordable craft! You can pick 
up the plant pots, mirrors and lampshades fairly cheaply at various big chain shops, but to really save some pennies (and feel terribly smug about your environmental credentials) you can thrift them for even cheaper at charity shops or on Facebook Marketplace. Then all you need is your decoupage papers / whatever materials you settle on, and some mod podge, or PVA. So get crafting! And create the fabulous, quirky, beautiful home that you deserve 
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