It is prime time to be allowing your potted plants to flourish. We have an extremely cute craft to get your growing garden in order! Simple, yet so effective create mini garden labels to label your plants and keep your garden in order! 
All you need is a packet of lolly sticks, Uhu Glue and some paints! 
Crafty, cute and kitsch, we love! 
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Begin by laying out two vertical wooden sticks to create your sign base. 
Apply the UHU glue to the top half of 2 lolly sticks. 
Lay five lolly sticks horizontally across your base to glue in place. 
Top Tips: 
Use 5 horizontal lolly sticks in order to allow enough space to decorations and written details. 
Also try to space the vertical lolly sticks to allow the horizontal ones to overlap about cm either side, this keeps looking super neat. 
Allow the Uhu glue to set and dry for an hour, in order to secure maximum strength before applying paint. 
Acrylic or multi surface paints are both perfect to decorate your mini garden signs! Begin by considering your colour choice, you may want to match the colour of your sign to your plant, fruit, vegetable or herb you are growing! We have done so! 
Begin by sketching the shape of your fruit, vegetable or herb onto the sign, paint your background around the sketch, then fill your sketched image in with an alternative paint colour. 
Allow the paint to dry before using a sharpie pen to add further details to your sign. We have also used the opposite end of our paintbrush to add cute polka dot details to the legs of the mini sign. 
To complete your mini garden labels, coat in Clear Patio Paint, this will ensure your mini labels are weatherproof for the garden environment and ensure durability! 
We are loving spending time in our garden, so many beautiful sights to see to inspire our crafty minds! 
Feel free to share your pictures of your garden and mini signs to @Bellacrafts on our Facebook page, we would love an insight to your crafty garden! Or crafty makes inspired by beautiful gardens! Don’t forget to visit our inspiring Pinterest account here: 
Happy Crafting and Gardening! 
Much Love 
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