Hermoine here, part time BellaCrafter, full time Mummy and seasonal gardener. So, I don’t want to put a hex on the season but I do believe summer is here!! (Please don’t email with complaints when it starts to rain, haha). There are so many things to enjoy at this time of year, the days are longer and feel like a warm hug and nature seems to just explode around us in beautiful blooms and luscious greens, it’s no wonder we all then turn our attention to the outside spaces and fulfil our title of being a nation of gardeners. 
It’s no secret that we love creating things here at BellaCrafts but this month we wanted to share with you a little peak into our gardens and some of our outdoor likes and loves. We hope they inspire you as they have us. 
I find gardening to be a test of patience, very much like crafting, there are no instant results, we are forced to wait. My Mum is a very active gardener, the term green fingered does not apply, she is green blooded and I find myself inspired by her passion (although I do not get the exact same results, haha!) so I have been busy planting lots of seeds to fill up flower beds and of course my daughter and I have a sunflower growing competition on too! We also love to watch the birds come and feast on the unlimited buffet we supply! 
My Great Grandma was also an amazing gardener and has a plant named after her, pictured below, and I think of her and smile every time I come across it and I just love how it flowers every year. 
That’s probably my favourite thing about gardening (because I’m not so good at the waiting), I love watching plants and shrubs come back to life every year, especially my strawberries, which only ever seem to be eaten by the slugs and birds but hey, that’s ok, they’ve got to eat too! 
In all, I just adore having an outdoor space to live in during the summer months with my small human. Nothing fills me with more joy then laughter in the garden surrounded by the people I love most, crafting in the sunshine and staying cool under my epic willow tree! 
So, that was just a little peak into my garden and I have to say, I am a little ‘green’ with envy after my colleagues shared pictures of their outdoor spaces with me.... 
Victoria is definitely the most traditional gardener of the group taking her inspiration from cottage gardens. Her garden features traditional flowers like foxgloves, roses, herbs and lavender. As a busy bee, anything that self-seeds is a must have... it's makes it more like magic! 
On her recent trip to the Chelsea flower show, she was inspired to buy a Wisteria for her garden. She said she loved the beautiful draping shape of the flowers and the way that the petals decorated the lawns.... apparently they reminded her of all the sequins on the floor of the barn. 
If there's one thing you will find her buying in the barn for her garden, it would be PaperArtsy Chalk Paints to decorate her endless terracotta pots. We are very jealous of how these turn out, the translucent effect allows the colour of the terracotta to show through giving them a beautifully aged look! Definitely a project to add to your to do list if you haven't already tried it! 
There are so many ways to enhance our gardens, it’s not all about planting so don’t worry of your fingers are not naturally green. We have created our very own ‘Garden Crafts and Sunshine’ board on Pinterest for this very craft...click here to follow and find further inspiration : 
Our Kate is currently in the midst of revamping her garden; she has a passion for an Italian garden look and has even built her own pergola to trail some beautiful plants, so jealous!! Can you guess her colour theme?! 
Her favourite plants are marigolds, olive trees and anything that reminds you of holidays and relaxing in Italy. 
We love her garden vibes, it just screams summer and a cool cocktail as the sun is setting....I can almost hear the glasses clinking! 
Can anyone spot her garden make... that's right, her beautiful heart tealight! One of her favourite crafts, Decopatch, has found it's way in to the garden too! We love how the colours she's chosen makes the colours of her plants pop! 
Now, Jo has been exploring some more exotic gardens as she has just returned from an amazing holiday in the Dominican Republic, where the family travelled to witness her Mum getting married. We weren’t at all envious of her beautiful tan and stories of swimming with dolphins, hehe! Here are just a couple pictures capturing some of the beautiful gardens found on their trip. Anyone feeling inspired? 
Well, that’s just got me thinking of holidays and can you believe that the School Summer holidays are just around the corner!! Don’t panic, if you didn’t already know, we are on hand every week day to entertain those small humans with our crafting holiday club, a jam packed day of makes and giggles! If you would like to know more and book a place then just follow the link here: 
We are also here 7 days a week for your crafting pleasure, no need to book, you can pop in anytime!! Plus will anyone spot the new magical additions to our garden outside the barn? There'll be more magical additions soon, so do pop up and see for yourself! 
If we've inspired you with some garden delights and crafting, we would love to see you at our Fairy Garden Workshop on 15th July because us adults like to believe in magic too! More details can be found here: 
Please contact us at anytime by phone or via our website / facebook with any further questions you may have, apart from the weather forecast, we aren’t that magical, but we can guarantee lots of sunshine when you come in to visit us!! 
Come along and see for yourself!!! Hope to see you soon! Hermoine xxx 
Can't wait for our next post?! Here's a sneaky peak of what we are up to.... 
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