It’s March. Spring is on its way! Or at least we think it is? Okay it has been mostly snowing and FREEZING cold, but we can’t help but dream about Spring. Spring is a crafter’s heaven, the pastel colours, the Easter décor, the desire for fresh starts and new craft adventures! As a team we all have notebooks jam packed with workshop ideas and our own personal craft makes to do lists. The word Spring just makes so many delightful arts and crafts opportunities ‘spring’ to mind! 
Seize the day and ‘spring’ into action by learning new skills and treating yourself to crafty activities with us. 
Our Spring festival is less than 20 days away and we cannot contain our excitement. We host two annual BellaCrafts Festivals each year and our Spring one 23rd, 24th and 25th March is guaranteed to be one of our best yet! As well as a whole host of workshops and demos you’ll be the first to see our new stock, grab a promotion and refreshments are on offer all weekend! 
We promise to ensure you are immersed in a craft haven all weekend. 
Here at BellaCrafts we always invite a special guest to show off new ideas and techniques! 
Donna Mcghie is our special festival guest and will be here on the 25th to teach Powertex. Donna specialises in Powertex, murals, face painting and sculpture- to name a few. Her work is completely unique. 
The team at BellaCrafts had the opportunity to interview Donna, so you can have an exclusive insight into the local artist’s thoughts and feelings about all things arts and crafts, her sentimental motivations and her tips for trying new craft activities. Enjoy! 
BellaCrafts: Have you always had a strong interest in arts and crafts? 
Donna: Yes always. As a child I had a wall in my bedroom that was my ‘mural wall’ which I was free to paint on in any way I chose to do so. I’m sure this encouraged my love of working in a large expressive fashion. I also used to doodle over everything in sight, including my clothes. (I still do this, it is very rare you will see me in a pair of undoodled on jeans) 
BellaCrafts: What artists have inspired you previously? 
Donna: I love really expressive artists like Van Gogh, Frances Bacon and Klimt. The bigger and bolder the better for me. 
BellaCrafts: What are some of your favourite materials to work with? 
Donna: I love finding stuff that has been discarded and using Powertex to upcycle it. Old boots are great to rework, along with old bottles and dolls that have been thrown away. I love a scavenge in that little shed place at the council tip – all sorts of goodies to be found in there 
BellaCrafts: What artistic creation has been your favourite to work on? 
Donna: I think probably my dragon’s head ‘Kimberley’. I didn’t really have a plan in mind for her, just went with the flow, and ended up adding all sorts of bling in the form of discarded costume jewellery which I think really enhance her. She is up for sale, but I have to admit I will be quite sad to say goodbye to her. 
BellaCrafts: What are your three top tips for trying a new craft activity? 
Donna: One;Don’t worry about getting it wrong – that is how we learn what works Two; Don’t compare and despair – we all have our own unique style, and that is just as it should be Three; Do enjoy experimenting – for me, it is as much about enjoying the process as the end result. 
BellaCrafts: What can our customers expect from your workshop? 
Donna:To be encouraged to develop their own style. I love to see how people’s personalities shine through in what they make. You will get messy, so do please wear old clothes. And you will definitely have a lot of fun.The other thing that is very important to me, is that my workshops are Art 4 A Heart Workshops, which means that £5 from each person gets donated to the Papworth Hospital Charity as a way of saying thank you as my husband had a life changing heart transplant in 2016. 
BellaCrafts:What is your favourite thing to make using Powertex? 
Donna: This changes on a regular basis, but I think my favourite thing at the moment is upcycling old boots. I did a workshop recently where a lady wanted to do a boot in memory of her father, who loved walking. What she made was absolutely beautiful and I felt really honoured to have played a small part in helping her create such a meaningful tribute to someone she loved very much. 
BellaCrafts: If you could attend any one of our upcoming workshops (apart from your demo) which would you choose and why? 
Donna: I think it would be the silk painting, because of my love of colour. It would also be something that I could incorporate nicely into some of my Powertex work as well. 
Donna’s Powertex Journal workshop will allow you to learn amazing Powertex techniques to create beautiful textures with fabrics. Donna will talk you through all the basics and is perfect for complete beginners or experienced crafters! 
Visit here to book your place: 
We hope you enjoyed getting to know Donna as much as we did and we are over joyed and extremely lucky to have her as our upcoming special guest. 
Don’t forget to visit our website, or call us: 
023 8051 7054 for further details about our Spring Festival, or to book your place before we fill up! Remember if you book onto any of our Spring Festival workshops you will be entered into a free prize draw! 
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