Everything you need to know to start needle felting. 
Felting Supplies  
-A Felting Sponge 
-A Felting Needle 
-Wool Roving 
That's it!  
Seriously, that's all you need and that is one of the reasons why we love this craft. Simple, cheap and so effective! 
Felting Sponges/Blocks: 
You can buy specially designed blocks or sponges for felting. Essentially this makes a dense base for you to push your needle into. If you're just starting out then a dish sponge can work for small projects but these aren't very dense so they do tend to start breaking up after one project. We recommend buying a block if you are creating a large project or plan on starting needle felting as a new hobby. Make it easy for you! 
Felting Needles: 
These come in fine, medium and coarse. When you are first starting medium or coarse should do the trick and you can work your way up to fine for more detailed projects. You can also buy a pen or star needle attachment which allows you to use multiple needles at one time. This is great for when you're felting large areas and really helps to speed up projects. 
Wool Tops/Roving: 
This is the really fun part! The fluffy, floofy lovely fluffiness! There's so many colours to choose from and the variety of shades that allow you to create really realistic projects and have fun with shading. 
You can also buy roving in varying qualities, Merino wool is the most common as it is easy to dye, it lots of different colours. Other types of wool include Shetland, Blue Faced Leicester, Corriedale and more. 
Using Bases:  
You can use a variety of different items to create a base for your projects, including felt sheets, polystyrene shapes, pipe cleaners or fabric scraps.  
Felt Sheets:  
This is a great way to start out creating flat shapes such as the butterfly seen above. Simply cut your desired shape out of the felt sheet and and use the roving to add details and decorate. This works great for quick seasonal decorations such as Easter Egg Shapes, Christmas Tree Ornaments, or Halloween Garlands.  
Polystyrene Shapes:  
These make fantastic bases for making 3D projects more quickly. Begin by laying the felt roving in sections over the top of the shape and, once covered and felted, you can add details. This is great for simple projects such as eggs, christmas baubles or puddings but can also be used as bases for animals or birds.  
Pipe Cleaners:  
This is great to make letters, or body parts such as legs or arms. Bend the pipecleaner into the desired shape and wrap with the the roving. Use the needle to felt through the layers until attached. If you are joining multiple pipecleaners together, make sure you attach them before you add your roving. 
Fabric Scraps:  
We love this! Such a good way to use up all those tiny scraps and reducing your waste. Simply bundle your scraps together and bind with wool or yarn, you can create spheres or oblongs that make great bases for for animals, pumpkins and natural shapes. The most important thing when using fabric scraps is not to bind them too tightly, you want to keep a sponge like texture.  
You can form shapes without using any base at all. The most important thing is to form the shape as much as you can before your begin with your needle. i.e. shape it with your hands, as can be seen in the images below.  
Top Tips:  
The needles are very sharp and have barbs facing in both directions, so make sure you always push your needle into your felting block or foam when you aren't using it for safety. We also wouldn't recommend felting with children aged under 12 years.  
Always work back and forth across the whole project when you are first starting a new project as this helps to ensure an even finish.  
Try and keep your needle as straight as possible while inserting it into the base or sponges. A bent needle can snap very easily so try to avoid putting any pressure to the side of the needle.  
Always try to hold some roving felt back in each of the colours. This means that you can fill in any gaps and add extra bits to any thin patches. This is particularly useful if you're using a kit.  
So there you have it, everything you need to get started on your felting journey! Feel free to ask us any questions, we are always happy to help. Got the creative itch and can't wait to get started? See our Needle Felting Supplies below: 
Needle Felting is a brilliant and simple craft. All you need is the wool roving,a felting block or sponge and a needle! Ready, steady craft!

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